Heena Tattoos, Printable Mehndi Designs for Hand

Heena tattoo (mehndi designs) for front and back hand.

This PDF contains 10 Heena / Mehndi Printable designs that can be applied on back and front hand.

Mehndi / Mehndi is a form of skin decoration (like a temporay tatto) most popular South and Middle East Asia. Heena tattoos are quite intricate and are applied to brides before wedding ceremonies.

Henna paste is usually applied to the skin using a plastic cone. Heena paste can be made using heena power and water. Black tea can be added to make heena darker. While heena paste is applied, take a cotton ball and dab a little lemon-sugar glaze to keep the henna moist. Keep the henna on for as long as you want.

It is best to leave henna overnight. After henna paste dries on your skin, just brush it off and try not to wet the area for as long as possible.

A henna tattoo will last on your skin for two or three weeks and then will fade off on its own.

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